Agency Concierge Package

Designed for Agencies not currently operating in the Medicare space that have the desire to do so by implementing a proven and reliable system. By using our system, agency owners can easily enter these markets with minimal learning curve and expert implementation. 

Contracting & Credentialing Assistance

One of the most common barriers to entry into the Medicare market is getting your producer(s) contracted and credentialed with all of the carriers needed to compete in specific geographies. Our Agency Partners enjoy contracting assistance from the account representative assigned to your agency as well as credentialing assistance from one of our experts in their respective fields. Quite frankly, contracting and credentialing can be very difficult….we make it a breeze for our Agency Partners. 

Training & Process Implementation

In today’s environment, being well trained and following a proven process are essential in serving your clients and rising above the competition. There are many agents/agencies that are active in the Medicare space. However, few agencies choose to remain well educated and operate as informed advisors. As experts in our field, AssureSource leadership will personally train your agents from basic understanding in the classroom to full process implementation in the field. We are an organization that believes in showing agents how to be successful… not telling them how to do things. 

Product Knowledge & Placement

After we have successfully contracted, credentialed and trained your agents, we will consistently provide new product knowledge and advise on placement of old and new products. One thing we have learned is that these markets change at lightning speed. To stay competitive and highly productive, agencies must be able to offer the most up to date products and remain experts in these fields. 

Compliance & Oversight

The Medicare industry is highly regulated and this regulation is often a concern for agency owners who are concerned about agent compliance and oversight. AssureSource has years of experience developing and implementing Compliance Programs and has even participated in multiple carrier and CMS Audits. As an Agency Partner, we will assist your agency with compliance and CMS regulations, including agenct training and oversight. 

Ongoing Part D & MAPD Servicing

Great service equals happy clients! Medicare plans have many moving parts and servicing these clients can prove challenging. This is precisely why many agencies decide not to enter the Medicare space. With our Medicare Service Package, you can offload the service work to us! For a small monthly retainer (based on number of clients), you can let our Medicare experts service your clients.