AssureSource Health Plan Solutions

AssureSource offers outsourced sales administration, strategy and execution services to emerging health plans across the country.  We specialize in market planning and development as well as delivery of enrollment goals for managed care organizations that want to focus on operations as opposed to building, managing and maintaining a sales department. We have a proven track record of success building exclusive sales teams and scaling sales operations across multiple markets. AssureSource can provide everything an in-house sales department would provide with far less administrative obligation on the part of your health plan.

Our services include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Outsourced Sales & Enrollment
  • Sales Administration Development
  • Health Plan Rollout
  • Dedicated Account Executive

As your health plan considers a launch strategy or expansion plans, consider AssureSource Health Plan Solutions for your chosen sales and enrollment partner.  Our expertise in scaling managed care sales operations is available to you.  Contact us today for a discovery conversation!

Market Analysis

Product development and placement consulting

Evaluation of overall market opportunity and staffing needs

Provider partner analysis and consulting

Outsourced Sales & Enrollment

Agent and sales leadership recruiting

Agent/leadership training and development

Agent oversight per state and federal guidelines

Development of CMS-approved sales materials
(consultation, creation and/or evaluate for effectiveness)

Agent mentoring and ongoing management

Sales Administration Development

Compliance program development
(including access to our own corporate compliance officer)

Sales training program

Agent appointment

Agent certification

Custom CRM development

Develop compliant and effective enrollment processes

Develop appropriate marketing program/strategy

Complete commission administration in accordance with CMS guidelines

Health Plan Rollout

Market expansion and brand awareness strategies

Implementation of a step-by-step action plan for market rollout strategy

Regular detailed sales reporting

Dedicated Account Executive

AssureSource will assign a dedicated Account executive as the single point of contact for Health Plan operations team.

AssureSource will consider additional dedicated resources depending on the scale of the agreement.