Social Security Planning

For most Americans, Social Security is the foundation of their retirement income, yet most have not developed a plan and are uninformed about the various claiming strategies. Considering Social Security along with other income sources such as IRAs and 401ks is critical when developing a retirement income plan. Decisions such as timing and investment sequence can have major implications on long term income and taxes. Developing a strategy requires the assistance of a trained Social Security expert.

AssureSource advisors offer regularly scheduled Social Security Planning Workshops as well as individual consultations. We welcome the opportunity to be your trusted resource for these critical retirement planning decisions.

Retirement Income Planning

Social Security Income should be one of many considerations while planning for income in retirement.  Our advisors utilize a number of strategies to maximize your income throughout the retirement years including the use of Life Insurance and Annuities.

Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life products can be very effective tools to help maximize your retirement dollars.

When designed properly, Annuities can be a reliable means of creating a steady income for our clients as they approach retirement, alleviating fears of market risk or outliving one’s assets. Annuities are a key component of a well-designed financial plan and can help clients achieve goals such as accumulation, income, and protection. AssureSource advisors have access to highly rated fixed and indexed annuity products.